Harbison 50K and 25K

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REGISTRATION IS OPEN! The 2020 race will be January 4, 2020!


The 2020 Harbison 50K will be the 10th year of the race!

The Harbison 50K/25K is a trail race in Columbia, SC. Runners will make their way through technical single track trails, fire roads, wide trails and stream crossings while navigating plenty of rocks, roots and mud on the beautiful trails of the Harbison State Forest.

Race Date

Saturday January 4, 2020
7:30 am


There are several hotels within minutes of the race starting line to choose. More information to come on official race hotel with discounted rates.


You will traverse many of the well known trails within Harbison State Forest. The 25K is a single loop and the 50K is a two loop course, starting and finishing in the same area of the forest. There will be multiple fully-stocked aid stations and several unmanned water stations along the course. Each loop will net an approximate elevation gain of 1200′.

Click HERE to view a copy of the course map.

Aid Stations

There will a total of 3 aid stations along the course. The first two aid stations are approximately 6 miles apart, so please ensure that you have the necessary hydration and nutrition for the distance. The aid stations locations are:
Aid Station 1 (mile 6) and 4 (mile 22): Midlands Mountain. This aid stations is located just before the Midlands Mountain switchback
Aid Station 2 (mile 12) and 5 (mile 28): Firebreak Trail, this aid station is near the cell phone tower
Aid Station 3 (mile 16): Start/Finish Line Area. This aid station will serve as the halfway point of the 50K race and will be located at the end of loop one/start of loop two.
The aid stations will be stocked with the usual ultra running aid station goodies. There will be Gatorade, water, Coke, Mountain Dew and Ginger Ale at the aid stations.

Race Start Time/Aid Station Cutoff Time/Finish Times:

The race will start promptly at 7:30 am for both distances. Sunrise is expected around 7:31 am that morning and we should have enough light to begin on time without the need for headlamps. The race has a cut off of 9 hours due to the State Forest Hours of operation. However, as in year’s past, as long as the runners and the race sweep are through the last aid station before the cut off, we will wait and record everyone as an official finisher! The aid station cut off times is as follows:

Aid station 4: 1:30 pm (6 hours into the race)
Aid Station 5: 3:15 pm (7 hours and 45 minutes into the race)

These times are fairly generous and you are expected to know whether you will be able to make these time cut offs before and during the race. The last thing any of us want is for a runner to get stuck in the woods without a headlamp after the sun goes down. Sunset is expected around 5:30 pm; however, with the trees, the trails will begin to get darker around 4:30 pm.

Drop Bags

Drop bags will only be allowed at the finish line area, this is also the start of the second lap for the 50K runners. This ensures that your drop bag is at the finish line ready for you as soon as you finish. Please label your drop bag with your name and BIB number.

Cup Free

In an effort to be good stewards to mother nature. The 2020 Harbison 50K & 25K is proud to be cup free! All runners are expected to carry personal water bottles or hydration vests to be refilled at the aid stations or to drink from

Distance Changes

Runners are free to change distances online through November 30, 2019. If changes are made after this date, you will not guaranteed a shirt or finisher’s award in the new distance. If you drop from the 50K to the 25K mid-race, you will be credited for a 25K finish but will not receive a finisher’s award.


All drops, deferrals, and bib transfers must be completed by you through this registration site. If you fail to complete this process, your deferral may not be granted in the following year’s race. Bib transfers are free to do until December 31, 2019.